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Heater Control Panel's

We can supply heater control panels from indoor area to a hazardous area on any offshore platforms. We utilize high quality components and workmanship to ensure reliability and performance. Our heater control panels are designed to provide accurate and safe controls for an electric heater. The internal of the control panels consist of three independent but inter-related systems. They are control system, safety shutdown system and power distribution system. The control portion would handle all logic, remote interface and temperature control loop. Each control portion includes: indicating temperature controller, over temperature controller, main disconnect switch, individually fused contactor circuits, control voltage transformer, power indicating lights, and heater selector switches all mounted in a IP: 54 enclosure or as required by the clients. Each control center is factory tested before shipment. The safety shutdown system is designed to monitor and shutdown the heater during unsafe operation. Finally, the power distribution portion regulates the electrical power to the heater based on the requirement from the control system. Supply voltage can vary from single phase 120/240 VAC to three phase 380/415/440 VAC.